Dawn O' Bar

Dawn O' Bar

President, Unite-to Light

Dawn O' Bar, is President of Unite to Light (and one of only two paid staff members).  She started as a volunteer for Unite to Light in November of 2010 and was promoted to President in Dec. of 2012.  She has worked in various non-profit organizations in Santa Barbara for over 25 years.  She has worked on International Mission and relief projects and was the chair for the Mission and Peace committee at Goleta Presbyterian Church for three years.   Dawn is a Charter member of the One World Rotary E-Club is the current President.  She is also a graduate of UCSB.

Unite-to-Light is a non-profit founded in Santa Barbara at the UCSB Institute for Energy Efficiency.

Unite-to-Light is dedicated to providing low-cost lighting to those without electricity.  They also help eliminate health and environmental issues associated with existing light sources, such as kerosene, burning wood, or other unhealthy materials.

Unite to Light seeks to foster education and improvement in the quality of life in developing countries for individuals and families without access to reliable and clean energy for home lighting.  They do this by providing a safe, efficient, inexpensive solar-powered LED for studying, reading, and other tasks.  The lights are also distributed in refugee camps, in disaster areas, as a component in medical birthing kits, in search and rescue efforts, and in hospitals.

To date over 61,000 lights have been distributed to over 60 countries on four continents.

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Dawn can be contacted directly  at:   dawn@unite-to-light.org