CNS Fellow Matt Gebbie Chosen to Attend Lindau Meeting

CNS News

CNS Graduate Fellow Matt Gebbie has been selected via a competitive application process to attend the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany, June 28 to July 3. He will be sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

The Lindau conference is an annual meeting of Nobel winners in Chemistry, Physics, and Physiology/Medicine. Young scholars from around the world, including 55 from the U.S., will spend time with 70 laureates on the island of Lindau on Lake Constance at the border of Germany, Australia and Switzerland.

Gebbie is a doctoral student in Materials Science who has conducted research with CNS IRG 2 on a comparative study of national policies aimed at promoting nanotechnology research, development and commercialization. Gebbie's CNS work has taken him on a research trip to China with IRG 2 leader Rich Appelbaum to conduct interviews with nanotechnology scientists and entrepreneurs. He recently co-authored a paper that explains why foreign graduate students in STEM disciplines at U.S. universities choose to stay in the U.S. or return to their home countries.

Science and Engineering Fellows such as Gebbie work on interdisciplinary teams under the mentorship of a social science researcher. His primary research in the Materials department focuses on ionic liquids and adhesive proteins.

To learn more about the Lindau meeting, and to read an interview with Matt, please read the linked story on Gradpost.