Interactive Exhibit Offers Public Opportunity to Reflect on Energy Use [Video]

CNS collaborator Nick Pidgeon, a social psychologist at Cardiff University, played a central role in a 5-institution effort to create the interactive exhibit, A Sense of Energy, which was held at the White Buidling, Hackney Wick, London from June 26-28, 2014, and at the Senedd Building (where the Welsh National Assembly convenes) in Cardiff Bay September 30-October 2, 2014 as part of the Energy Biographies project.

In the video below, Pidgeon describes the project. Also appearing are CNS-UCSB seed grantee Edwina Barvosa and University of British Columbia collaborator Terre Satterfield.

A Sense of Energy from Carolina Vasquez on Vimeo.

The aim of the exhibition was to use materials generated through the course of the various projects’ research activities (for example, text extracts, photographs and film) to create an engaging public event. Rather than presenting project findings, the exhibition used these materials to provide an opportunity for people to reflect on their energy use. The exhibition showed how it was possible for social scientists to take a more creative approach to designing and displaying their materials, data and other research resources, along with innovative ways of promoting public engagement with science. The team worked with conceptual designer Rachel Murphy to co-ordinate the exhibition and develop project content, and with community artist Chris ‘AcouChristo’ Young to capture energy sounds in each of the Energy Biographies case site areas. In addition, animator Tom Edgar developed a short animated film giving voice to views from Energy Biographies interviewees on what they considered constitutes ‘essential’ energy use. - See more at:

*The photo and some text in this post were borrowed from the Energy Biographies website (