Ann Bostrom, Co-Chair

Ann Bostrom, Co-chair
Weyerhaeuser Professor of Environmental Policy, Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs
University of Washington
CNS Affiliation
National Advisory Board
Research Group: 

Ann Bostrom joined the Evans School faculty in 2007. Her research focuses on risk perception, communication, and management; and environmental policy and decision making. Bostrom previously served on the faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) from 1992-2007, where she served as Associate Dean for Research at the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and Professor in the School of Public Policy. Bostrom co-directed the Decision Risk and Management Science Program at the National Science Foundation from 1999-2001. While in this position she organized, participated in, and made presentations at national and international meetings on research and science policy, including but not limited to, the Subcommittee on Natural Disaster Reduction and the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program.


She has authored or contributed to numerous publications, including Risk Communication: A Mental Models Approach (Cambridge University Press, 2002), Risk Assessment, Modeling and Decision Support: Strategic Directions (Berlin: Springer, 2008), and National Research Council, Institute of Medicine, U.S. EPA Science Advisory Board, and U.S. EPA Board of Scientific Counselors reports.

Research Areas: 
Risk Perception, Communication, and Management; Environmental Policy and Management