Chris Newfield

Chris Newfield
Professor, English
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Christopher Newfield is professor of American culture at UCSB. His research focuses on the processes of creativity and innovation, with a double focus on cultural and technological factors. He publishes on a range of topics that include the effects of higher education on society, corporate culture, culture and economics,  the role of identity in socio-economic development, civil rights history, and the future of the middle class, He has conducted extensive fieldwork in a range of technology-dependent industries and has wide experience with  the university side of copyright, patenting, and technology transfer. In addition to his service at UCSB, he has served on the UC system wide committees for planning and budget, technology transfer, and  the advisory board for UC's Industry-University Cooperative Research Program.  He has recently published Ivy and Industry: Business and the Making of the American University, 1880-1980, and is working on its sequel, entitled The Innovation Crisis: Business and the American University, 1975-2005.  Newfield is presently residing in Paris as UC Study Center Director for the University's Education Abroad Programs in France.