Gianna Haro

CNS Person
Santa Barbara City College
CNS Affiliation
Summer Intern (Former)
Research Group: 

Gianna was a CNS-INSET Summer intern in 2012.  She worked with Roger Eardley-Pryor and Professor Patrick McCray in IRG1. The goal of her project was to analyze and demonstrate how the environmental visions of nanotechnology in the past reflected previous utopian thinking that impeded policy makers to see the risks and implications nanotechnology could bring to society.  Gina comes from Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos Archipelago where she developed a strong interest in marine biology, aquaculture and chemistry. She was a marine biology major at Santa Barbara City College while finishing her transfer prerequisites. She transferred to UCSB in fall 2012 where she plans to obtain her bachelor and master’s degrees in the near future.