Jennifer Rogers-Brown

Jennifer Rogers-Brown
Assistant Professor, Sociology
Long Island University
CNS Affiliation
Extramural Collaborator
Postdoctoral Scholar (Former)
Research Group: 

Dr. Jennifer Rogers-Brown was a CNS-UCBS Postdoctoral Scholar from 2008-2010. She is an Assistant Professor at Long Island University, CW Post in the Department of Sociology. While at CNS, she worked with Barbara Herr Harthorn in Interdisciplinary Research Group 3 (Risk Perception and Media) on Harthorn's NSF grant, 'Deliberating Nanotechnologies in the US: Gendered Beliefs about Benefits and Risks as Factors in Emerging Public Perception and Participation.' Her dissertation examined the social and economic impacts of free trade agreements and the genetic modification of corn. She combined her scientific interests in emerging technologies with sociological interests in resistance, risk perception, globalization, and the gendered and racial impacts of new technologies.  Dr. Rogers-Brown is continuing her research collaboration with WG3 on gender, risk perception, and public deliberation of nanotechnology. She is also beginning a new project that draws on her postdoctoral work at CNS and her dissertation research on emerging technologies in food and agriculture.