Current Courses

Interested in (nano)technology and society courses?  Below is a list of courses, many of which are taught by CNS-UCSB faculty and incorporate Center research.  Be sure to check the UCSB course catalog or department websites to find out current details of course offerings.


Undergraduate Courses                               

Course Number Instructor Course Title
Ed 136/Env S 136 Feldwin/Patterson Green Works:  Exploring Technology and the Search for Sustainability
FemSt 132 Harthorn Gender, Science and New Technologies
FemSt 182 Harthorn Feminist Methodologies
Globl 2 Appelbaum Introduction to Global Studies Politics and Economics
Globl 130 Appelbaum Global Political Economy
Hist 109 McCray Science, Technology, and Modern America
Phys 121a/ECE 194r Awschalom The Practice of Science

Graduate Courses

Course Number Instructor Course Title
Globl 201  Appelbaum Graduate Gateway Seminar, Global Studies Emphasis
Globl 230  Appelbaum Global Political Economy
Hist 200HS McCray Graduate Reading Seminar (topics vary annually)
Pol S 594N Bimber Technology & Politics (Tech. & Society Gateway Seminar)
Soc 261 Appelbaum Sociology of Development
Soc 591 Harthorn CNS Graduate Seminar


You may also be interested in:

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Courses incorporating CNS research at other colleges and universities:

Occidental College: Cultural Studies Prgm 65, Meredith Conroy, Science Fiction, Biotechnology, and the Future of the Human Species

Occidental College: Pols 203, Meredith Conroy, American Political Behavior and Psychology

Rice University: Chem 235/Anth 235/Hist 237, Cyrus Mody (IRG 1) and Kristen Kulinowski (chemistry) , Nanotechnology: Content and Context

Rice University: Hist/Elec 234, Cyrus Mody (IRG 1) and Kevin Kelly (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Technological Disasters

Santa Barbara City College: PhSc 107, Eric Bullock, Nanoscience in Society

University of Wisconsin, Madison: Soc 125, Joe Conti (IRG 3), Contemporary American Society

University of Wisconsin, Madison: Soc 496, Joe Conti (IRG 3), Globalization and Social Change

University of East Anglia: Bio 3C6Y, Tee Rogers-Hayden (IRG 3), Science Communication, (course about nanotechnology and upstream engagement)

University of East Anglia: Env-M552, Tee Rogers-Hayden (IRG 3) , Participatory Decision Making (Environmental Sciences, Masters Course)