Resources for Educators

Below are programs and slides sets we have developed and are pleased to share for education purposes.  Follow the links below to download materials.  Please credit CNS-UCSB when you use any of the materials below.  Please also take a moment to complete a feedback form about these materials.

California in the NanoEconomy

The purpose of the site is two-fold. The primary focus is to provide a new type of educational resource to enable understanding of the ‘nano economy’ by using the perspective of the value chain. The approach is illustrated using data for California, and as a result, the site also provides a secondary benefit as a valuable resource for industry in California.

Nanoscience in Society undergraduate course: integrating history, science, society and technology

Nanoscience in Society is a semester-long course with lab, open to all majors, developed and taught in collaboration with Santa Barbara City College in Spring 2010 (Physical Science 107).  It is our intent to share the course materials and teaching experience, and we invite others to adopt the course or elements from it for their own institutions.


Traveling Technologies Research Template

Traveling Technologies is a template for an undergraduate research internship, using Global Value Chain analysis.  We have developed this model for others to adopt and adapt based on our own summer internship program.


Mini Case Studies for Discussion: Carbon Nanotube Tennis Racket, Nanoparticle Sunscreen

These cases about societal implications of nano themes are suitable for middle school level and up. See Instructor Guide on page 2 for suggestions on how to use the cases with a group of students and supporting information.


Responsible Researchers: Local to Global Dimensions of Ethics in Science

Ethics in science presentation slides by Dr. Julie Dillemuth.  This talk was given as part of an undergraduate lecture series in 2009 and 2010.  See notes on each slide for presentation narrative.


The BIG Deal about Small Science: Introduction to Nanotechnology

A short presentation by Dr. Julie Dillemuth on the fundamentals of nanotechnology (scale, novel properties, and control of matter) set in the context of federal funding, nano-enabled products and application areas, and emerging public awareness.  See notes pages on each slide for presentation notes.


Are you looking for resources that introduce nanoscale science concepts?  Visit our New to Nano? page for links to websites and videos about nanotechnology.