CNS Seminar (in-house)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Girvetz 2320
Matt Gebbie, Shirley Han, Galen Stocking, Edgar Zayago Lau, Mary Collins, and Luciano Kay

This seminar will feature practice talks for the upcoming European conferences. Our speakers include:

Matt Gebbie, Shirley Han, and Galen Stocking: "Can China Become a Nano Innovator: An Investigation into the Chinese Nanotechnology Communities in Shanghai and Suzhou Industrial Park"

Edgar Zayago Lau: "Developmental Implications of Nanotechnology"

Mary Collins: "Public Responses to Nanotechnology: Risks to the Social Fabric?"

Luciano Kay will also briefly discuss some methodological issues of interest to CNSers following the practice talks.

Light refreshments will be served.