Science Funding Trends and Proposal Success at NSF: A Perspective from a Former Program Officer

Stephen Zehr's Smilin' Face
Thursday, September 29, 2011
1:00 - 3:00PM
2320 Girvetz Hall
Stephen Zehr

Professor, Sociology

University of Southern Indiana

The National Science Foundation is designed as a dynamic organization to take advantage of new trends and problems in scientific and policy communities. However, from the standpoint of researchers, NSF programs and funding initiatives may sometimes appear like moving targets.


This presentation focuses on this dynamic character of NSF and recent trends in science funding within the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Directorate, including emphases on sustainability and interdisciplinary research, among others. It also provides information about successful proposal development from the standpoint of program officers and panels. It focuses on the intellectual merit and broader impacts criteria, features of proposal layout, making a proposal “interesting,” and suggestions for how to avoid negative reviews.


Plenty of time will be available for questions and discussion.