Technology, Accountability & Specificity: A 'Nano' Case

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
3001 Elings Hall
Elena Simakova

Dr. Simakova is a postdoctoral associate with the Department of
Science and Technology Studies and the Center for Nanoscale
Systems in Information Technologies at Cornell University. She is
currently examining the brokering of collaborations and universityindustry
knowledge and technology transfer around emerging
nanotechnologies. Regulatory and funding agencies, together with
governance mechanisms adopted by universities, arguably influence
practices of commercialization of science, but in what sense?
And how do various forms of accountability relations apply to and
enact specific emerging technologies? Accordingly, her research
aims at an analysis of collaboration as an element of scientific
organizational discourse and as an accountability resource. Dr.
Simakova’s other research interests include the construction of
credible accounts of emerging technologies by corporate actors
in the situations of uncertainty about the properties of new