Alan Glennon

Alan Glennon
Ph.D., Geography
CNS Affiliation
Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow (Former)
Research Group: 

Alan Glennon was a CNS Graduate Fellow from 2006 to 2007. He is a doctoral candidate in geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara studying geographic information science and spatially-embedded networks. Before coming to UCSB, he founded the Western Kentucky University Hoffman Environmental Research Institute, with Chris Groves, and served as its Assistant Director until 2003. Along the way, Alan also held positions as a Research Hydrologist, Park Ranger, Cartographer, and Toys-R-Us Playground Assembler. Alan's Bachelor of Science is from Texas A & M University, and he received a Master of Science in Geoscience from Western Kentucky University. He's had the pleasure of mapping quite a few great caves and geysers. Alan's wife Rhonda is an Esri product engineer and a pilot. They live near Santa Barbara, California, and Boulder, Colorado.