Peter Burks

Peter Burks
Doctoral Student, Chemistry
CNS Affiliation
Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow (Former)
Research Group: 

Peter was a CNS Graduate Fellow from 2010 to 2011. He is a PhD student in Chemistry, with research interests in solution phase nanoparticle synthesis. He has experience in synthesizing a range of nanoparticles from metal-chalcogenide to silicon. His current research studies the mechanism of energy transfer for CdSeS/ZnS nanoparticles (cadmium selenide-sulfide core with a zinc sulfide shell) to chromium metal complexes associated with the nanoparticle surface.

At CNS, Peter worked with Rich Appelbaum in the Globalization and Nanotechnology group.

Outside of research, Peter is also actively involved in multiple outreach groups aimed at motivating high school and college students to pursue science and consider attending graduate school. In addition to outreach, Peter is passionate about entrepreneurship therefore he is working towards his GPMP certificate with the Technology Management Program (TMP).

In his free time, Peter is enjoys outdoor activities ranging from mountain biking and surfing to cycling and beach volleyball. He is also a huge advocate of Santa Barbara and its surrounding culture, in addition to being a die-hard Utah Jazz and Utah Utes sports fan.