Roger Eardley-Pryor

Roger Eardley-Pryor
Doctoral Candidate, History
CNS Affiliation
Social Science Graduate Fellow (Former)
Research Group: 

Roger was CNS Graduate Fellow from 2010-2013. He is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of History, with interests in the historical intersections of science, technology, and the environment amidst America's international interactions. His dissertation explores scientific experts who sought to divide global environmental discourse between issues of technology versus population in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This research explores the complex links between stories of environmental change over time, the science and knowledge used to bolster those stories, and the political, social, and economic forces motivating the use of a particular story over another. Roger earned a bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Miami University (OH) and a masters degree in History at UCSB.

At CNS, Roger worked with Patrick McCray in the Origins, Institutions, and Communities research group where he examined the historical development of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) concerns associated with nanotechnology. Roger's interdisciplinary research and training correlated with CNS's goals to conduct collaborative research on the historical contexts of nanotechnology and the public perception of its risks.