Postdoctoral Scholars

  • Lauren Copeland
    Postdoctoral Scholar
    In 2013-2014, Lauren Copeland is working with CNS-UCSB as a Postdoctoral Scholar. She has been working with CNS since 2011 as a Graduate Student...
  • Adam Corner
    Research Associate, Understanding Risk Research Group
    Cardiff University
    Dr. Adam Corner is a Research Associate in the Understanding Risk research group at Cardiff University. His research looks at how people evaluate...
  • Stacey Frederick
    Research Scientist
    Duke University
    Stacey has worked as an extramural collaborator with IRG2 focusing on a global value chain analysis of China, the United States, and North Carolina....
  • CNS Person
    Postdoctoral Scholar
    Shirley received her PhD from the Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology department at UCSB in the Fall of 2013. She began working with the CNS as a...
  • Tristan Partridge
    Postdoctoral Scholar
    Dr. Tristan Partridge joined CNS-UCSB from the department of Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh (UK). There he worked as Research Fellow...

Former Postdoctoral Scholars

  • CNS Person
    Postdoctoral Scholar, UC CEIN
      In 2012-2013, Mary is working with CNS-UCSB as a Postdoctoral Scholar from the University of California Center for the Environmental Implications...
  • Gwen D'Arcangelis
    Visiting Assistant Professor
    Scripps College
    Dr. D’Arcangelis was a postdoctoral scholar with the UC Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEIN) working at CNS-UCSB from 2010...
  • Researcher
    Chemical Heritage Foundation
    Dr. Eisler's general research interests lie in the history of science-based innovation, especially post-1945, and include the economy, culture, and...
  • Mikael Johansson
    University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
    Dr. Johannson was a CNS-UCSB postdoctoral scholar from 2009-2010. His dissertation on the cosmology of nanoscientists utilized lab ethnography as well...
  • Edgar Zayago Lau
    Autonomous University of Zacatecas
      Edgar Zayago Lau is a visiting Postdoctoral Scholar based at CNS-UCSB for 2012-2013. He holds a Master Degree in International Development...
  • CNS Person
    Lecturer, Global & International Studies
  • CNS Person
    Senior Scholar
    Kauffman Foundation
    Dr. Motoyama was a Postdoctoral Scholar at CNS-UCSB from 2008-2011. His dissertation and subsequent research has revealed the importance of geographic...
  • Anton Pitts
    University of British Columbia
    Dr. Anton Pitts is a PhD student in the RMES program, examining ethics, philosophy, and management issues in wildlife viewing and ecotourism in true...
  • Jennifer Rogers-Brown
    Assistant Professor, Sociology
    Long Island University
    Dr. Jennifer Rogers-Brown was a CNS-UCBS Postdoctoral Scholar from 2008-2010. She is an Assistant Professor at Long Island University, CW Post in the...
  • CNS Person
    Ph.D., Sociology
    Dr. Shearer was a CNS-UCSB Graduate Fellow in 2009-2010, and is a Postdoctoral Scholar with Barbara Herr Harthorn's Interdisciplinary Research Group 3...
  • James Walsh
    Ph.D., Sociology
    James was a CNS Graduate Fellow from 2009 to 2011, and recieved his Ph.D. in Sociology from UCSB in 2011. His dissertation compared the recent trajectory...